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Worry about nothing

With Hikvision kindergarten solutions

Safety and comfort of the children have always been the parents and kindergarten administrators´prime goal. With a comprehensive surveillance solution we can reach this essential need. Hikvision kindergarten video surveillance solution can secure a wide variety of situations by effectively addressing the right attention to the critical moments. Allowing not just to the caregivers the chance to control everything but also letting the parents and relatives to have a complete control of their children in real time video from their laptops or smartphones. This reduction in problem and elimination of risk situations will not just make the caregiver’s job much more efficient but also allow the parents to feel safe and close to their children anytime anywhere.


  • Easy backup, allowing parents to have an all day recording of their child in a easy fast way with a simple USB.
  • Effective supervision of caregivers behavior
  • Complete alarm system not allowing any chance to the children to access restricted or dangerous areas.
  • Easy remote monitoring with laptops or smartphones through 3G or Wi-Fi
  • Motion detection, tamper detection, signal loss detection and much more to ensure the safety of the one you care.
  • Small and resistant careas adaptable to all needs and situations always with the best video quality.


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