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Turbo HD 4.0

Analog video surveillance systems have dominated the security industry for more than forty years. It’s about time for a new revolution.

Hikvision introduced its first Turbo HD Solution in 2012, and revolutionized analog security. After years of fine-tuning and perfecting this powerful solution, Hikvision has launched Turbo HD 4.0 – a brand new revolution in high-definition, high-performance surveillance video.

Turbo HD 4.0 technology gives your analog security system the powerful boost yet, upgrading the total system to amazing ultra-HD 4K resolution. Bandwidth efficiency improves by 75% using H.265+ compression. And By transmitting both HD video and power over the same coax cable, PoC technology ensures installations are faster, simpler, and less expensive.

Give your analog surveillance system a big—BIG!—step up in power and performance with Hikvision’s Turbo HD 4.0. In this brochure, we will show you how.


4k ultra HD

Sharp, precise, clear video can make all the difference in critical surveillance situations, enabling security staff to quickly identify suspicious individuals, objects, and movement, and take the right action at the right time.

While most analog cameras offer only 2 MP resolution, Hikvision’s Turbo HD 4.0 Cameras provide ultra-HD resolution up to 4K, resulting in superlative image quality. The latest 4K cameras offer an astounding 8-Megapixel resolution. With wider coverage and more details, 8 MP cameras reduce the blind areas efficiently. A complete, ultra-HD system can be secured from front-end 4K cameras to back-end 4K DVR and 4K HDMI monitors.



More than three years of research and accumulation empowered Hikvision to be the first to release H.265+ on an analog system—a revolution for analog. H.265+ takes a huge step up in efficiency over H.264—reducing bitrates by 75% on average while maintaining high transmission quality.

H.265+ compression technology takes analog even further. Based on the H.265/HEVC codec, H.265+ is an intelligent algorithm developed by Hikvision that can greatly decrease the bitrate of video. Bandwidth is radically reduced, storage requirements are minimized, and image quality improves.




Ultra-low illumination cameras from Hikvision vastly improve the efficiency of night monitoring. High-definition 1080p displays come to life with the amazing ultra-low illumination surveillance cameras. With 120 dB WDR and built-in PoC function, these cameras offer users the most advanced security features available. Rest assured that you will see what’s really there—in the shadows, at night, and under conditions that leave other cameras in the dark.




With Hikvision’s Turbo HD 4.0 Solution, installers don’t have to pull wire. Power-over- coax (POC) supplies the technology to use coaxial cable to integrate video and DC power. This innovation consists of a front-end POC camera and a back-end Turbo HD DVR, directly embedding the POC power supply into the back-end DVR device. It then transmits the video signal through the coaxial cable and solves the power supply problema for front-end equipment. Turbo HD 4.0 Solutions reduce the wiring area, save space, and reduce the costs of labor.




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