Smart PTZ Dome Cameras


Smart Tracking


“Smart Tracking” function is an innovative technology for PTZ Dome cameras, which can increase the effectiveness of video surveillance system, specially in the places where the occasional presence of people or vehicles requires special attention, such as at banks vaults, hotel corridors, parking garages, office buildings and schools, etc, after working hours or during nighttime.


With this function, when a moving object (a person, vehicle, etc) enters a monitored area, Hikvision PTZ Dome can automatically detect in an adjust their focal length to track the object;  when this object move out of view, the camera will automatically returns to its designated position. Additionally, once users wants to change the target during tracking, they need to simply click the new target in the view screen, and then the camera will change to track it. Noteworthy, Hikvision “Smart Tracking” PTZ Dome cameras also have their own “target contour discriminant and human face detection” technology that ensures the target always stays in the middle of the picture during tracking.
The “Smart Tracking” features realizes the goal of unmanned video surveillance system, and offers a single PTZ Dome camera the ability to cover a wider range  of area for more comprehensive informations, this can help user to decrease the number of cameras and ultimately save money.