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Hikvision Providing Security and Efficiency for Argentina’s Mining Facility


Over the past thirty years, the Argentinean town of Sierra Grande, located in the southeastern corner of the Rio Negro Province, has experienced a wide variety of ups-and-downs. During the 1980s, Sierra Grande was a bustling town prospering from its rich natural iron ore deposits and mining capabilities. Conversely, the 1990s brought government-ordered mining stoppages, the unemployment of thousands, and a mass exodus from this once proud town.

Thankfully, with government reversing their Sierra Grande mining ban, the 2000s have seen a sharp uptick in both the fortune of this region and in the lives of those who bring the ore out of the mines.

However, it took more than simply reopening the mines to allow Sierra Grande to thrive once again. To help do so, Hikvision was brought in to both secure the mining facility and increase efficiency.

MCC Minera Enters
When MCC Minera Sierra Grande S.A. acquired mining rights to this town in 2006; it knew a great many challenges needed to be overcome.

In particular, of the three existing underground deposits – labeled North, East, and South – only the South dig-site is currently in use. Currently, Sierra Grande’s mine extraction capacity is approximately 2.8 million tn. of iron ore per year.

A High-Tech Solution
Of particular note, the natural environment of not only the mining area, but the entire region, of Sierra Grande was a major cause for concern. Specifically, this section of the Rio Negro Province is famous for its harsh desert landscape and even harsher desert weather. As such, before MCC Minera opted for Hikvision, a thorough examination of other security manufacturers’ products was conducted. Lic. Christian Uriel Solano, President of Security One Argentina – Argentina’s official Hikvision distributor for this project – noted, «It came down to two main factors: technology and durability. Both of these aspects proved that not only would Hikvision products be up the task from a technology standpoint, but they would be able to withstand any weather this unforgiving desert could throw at them.»

MCC Minerva was not looking for a simple CCTV for basic security purposes. Instead, the goal was to build a comprehensive solution that provided security and improved overall mining efficiency. Not only would Hikvision products be asked to withstand the blazing heat and bitter cold, but they would be asked to do so outside in the bright light, underground in virtual darkness, as well as combining analog and digital components both indoors and out. «It was an extremely complicated and technologically advanced case, and we congratulate the integrator on this project, Krall Infromatica, for really doing an excellent job,» Mr. Solano summed up.

The Nuts & Bolts
Beginning at the perimeter, Hikvision’ DS-2DF1-714 IR Network High Speed Dome and DS-2CC5173P-VP(IR) Vandal Proof & Weather Proof Dome Camera were tasked with providing general surveillance of the area. Complementing this was the iDS-2DF1-517 WDR Network High Autotracking Speed Dome to man sensitive areas. In particular, both cameras’ IP66 rating provide assurance against weather factors, while the latter’s embedded intelligence algorithms allow an operator the ability to preprogram specific triggers and immediate notification features.

However, due to the fact that these outer perimeter walls stretch over a kilometer from the main administrative facility, it was impractical to connect these cameras with cabling. Instead, Hikvision’s DS-6101HFI-IP Digital Video Server was used to convert the perimeter cameras’ analog signals to the digital IP network wirelessly; providing both higher efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Of particular note was the DS-2CD7153-E 2MP Network Mini Dome Camera, with its HD 720P real time video, and vandal-proof housing. Strategically placed on the port to monitor the loading process of raw iron ore onto waiting ships, this high resolution camera was able to both increase productivity and increase worker safety due. Additionally, its housing allows it to withstand the punishment from rock and other debris periodically catapulted upwards from the moving conveyer belt.

Moving lower, the DS-2CC192P(N)-IRT IR Bullet Camera‘s IR leds and vari-focal lens provided a similar ability within the darkened mines; while the DS-2CC192P(N)-IR Bullet Camera did the same in both administrative and other mining settings. Additionally, the DS-2CC1192P(N)(-A) Box Camera‘s low-illumination ability complemented all of the above throughout the many office and administrative settings comprising MCC Minera’s facilities.

Rounding out this total solution were both the DS-7316HFI-ST Standalone DVR and DS-7208HVI Standalone DVR to record these closer cameras in 4CIF resolution real-time recording; while the DS-9516NI-R Embedded NVR was responsible for recording the outer perimeter’s wireless IR cameras on its embedded Linux-based system.

Through an amalgamation of creativity, high-tech products, and a renewed sense of hope; Hikvision is helping both MCC Minera and Sierra Grande reach greater heights than ever before.

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