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Hikvision Security Products Benefit Tourism in Oman

Oman is experiencing a change, and the Al Falaj Hotel is determined to take advantage of it with Hikvision security products.

Scenically located between the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea; this nation is undergoing a transformation from an economy based on petroleum and natural gas exports into a more diverse model. Specifically, Oman is betting on tourism to help replace these two long-standing economic pillars. But, in order to capitalize on this lucrative potential, a new breed of international customer must be specifically catered towards.

Security as a Business Model
Customer demands now transcend the traditional reliance on price and luxury. In many cases, the modern-day tourist in Oman considers the level, and quality, of security systems to be nearly as important as the size of their rooms. Additionally, recent governmental legislation has required public facilities, such as hotels, to maintain CCTV systems and recording devices as part of an overall pre-emptive strategy to discourage potential crime. Sachin Srinivasan, Senior Sales Manager at OHI Electronics (the firm that installed the Al Falaj Hotel’s security system) related, “Overall, Oman is experiencing a boom period in security industry growth.”

In order to position the Al Falaj Hotel on the leading edge of this trend in customer security awareness, Mr. Sachin turned to Hikvision for solutions. Mr. Sachin did so “because Hikvision offers a top-quality product at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, Hikvision’s products are easy to install, easy to manage, and hold up very well to the extreme climate and temperature conditions that Oman is prone to,” and added “from a customer-satisfaction standpoint,” he is very satisfied.

Travelers arriving from more distant locales are generally more sensitive to this issue of quality security solutions. Mr. Sachin noted, “Tourists to Oman from regional areas are not as conscious as to what specific security measures are in place; but in order to attract tourists from destinations such as America or Europe, it is a business necessity to provide quality security.

To ensure the four-star Al Falaj Hotel stays on the cutting edge of its security needs, Mr. Sachin currently employs a variety of Hikvision security products. This specific combination provides both the hotel and its guests the assurance of safety in an extremely efficient manner.

The Internal Solution
The most widely employed Hikvision product in the hotel is the DS-2CC591P-A Vari-focal Dome Camera, placed throughout the interior of the facility. Mr. Sachin chose this specific camera because of its “ability to see very clearly in environments where lighting levels not only vary from one corner to another, but also change throughout the day.” The specific challenge of having sharp resolution in low-light requirements was the impetus for selection of the DS-2CC591P-A. Mr. Sachin explained, “With this camera, we are able to identify any person in question, regardless of how dark the particular area might be inside the Al Falaj. For a hotel, this is vital.”

Mr. Sachin also explained the additional importance of the DS-2CC591P-A’s unobtrusive appearance: «We can place this camera in virtually any interior area without it sticking out or attracting our customers’ unwanted attention. As a hotel, it is very important – from a customer satisfaction standpoint – that we promote a pleasant atmosphere; so the quality of a camera must also be matched by its unobtrusive housing.»

The External Solution
Obviously, security needs begin before a customer actually steps through the front door. The Al Falaj Hotel is no different, and to monitor who is coming and going through the main entrance, Mr. Sachin chose the DS-2AF1-514 Analog Speed Dome for its 360° of endless pan range; as well as its 360° of coverage in front of the lobby. Mr. Sachin noted the range of the camera, along with its «ability for tremendous resolution to identify customer’s faces, license plate numbers, and the ability to get a clear image from up to 35-40 meters out.»

Importantly, the issue of quality and durability was a large reason this particular camera was acquired. «The reality is, Oman presents very difficult challenges to any structure left outside, let alone electronic security equipment. We needed something that could withstand the huge variance in temperature, especially the heat, and other potentially destructive weather like sandstorms,» Mr. Sachin explained.

For specific and more security-sensitive areas, the Al Falaj Hotel uses the DS-2CC193P-A High Definition Box Camera. One such example is at the hotel’s petroleum station. Mr. Sachin has deployed this Hikvision HD Box Camera in order to «make absolutely sure we are always able to immediately, and positively, identify license plate numbers at any time of the day or night; as well as the driver or passenger’s face.»

The Control Room
Each of these components is electronically tied into the main security room located inside the hotel. This centralization allows security personnel to immediately access any of the above mentioned devices and respond to any potential situation.

The Al Falaj Hotel utilizes the DS-8116HDI-S Standalone DVR units to ensure enough space is always available for the hotel’s sizeable recording needs. Additionally, each unit is connected to its own monitor and keyboard, thereby allowing separate security personnel to continually observe and respond in an independent, and efficient, manner.

Additionally, these DVRs are connected to a remote network that allows additional monitoring possibilities from the Security Manager’s office, the General Manager’s office and the Administrative Manager’s office.

A Digital Future
While Mr. Sachin stresses that the current analog security solution utilized at the Al Falaj Hotel is more than adequate to achieve the challenges presented; he said the future of this hotel’s security would be in HD.

In fact, this process is already happening in a piecemeal fashion: «Our existing analog system is very good, but HD simply offers better options such as higher quality resolution. While I do not see the total transformation from analog to HD within the coming year or so; I do see the Al Falaj Hotel taking further steps in this direction, especially with Hikvision digital cameras, and eventually replacing the entire analog surveillance system with a high definition network.»

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