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Hikvision Unveils Newest Mobile DVR

July 4th, 2012    Hikvision launched a new series of mobile DVR — DS-8100HMFI-T to expand its transportation surveillance portfolio. With the capability of accommodating up to 12-channel video input as well as its advantages over constant vibration and unstable power supply etc, the DS-8100HMFI-T is suitably practical to install in trains and some other large vehicles. Additionally, it also offers users the benefit of 3G/WI-FI data transmission such as video, location, brake signals and speed etc at user’s choice.

Since mobile DVR is installed in vehicle which is constantly in motion, how to maintain stable working performance is an important proposition. This product adopts patented hard-disk vibration reduction technology to effectively keep device running stably. As an advanced technology in the mobile surveillance industry, it conforms to ISO 16750 standard (Road vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment), and it can withstand acceleration shock value of 50G, which greatly demonstrates its superiority over other products in the same category. In this case, users do not need to worry about the constant vibration that causes damage to the device.

This product also embeds a built-in redundant power supply which starts whenever the external power supply stops, and allows the system to have sufficient time to shutdown normally thus to avoid data loss and damage to the disks. Moreover, dust prevention, humidity and heat dissipation are also well considered in designing since mobile DVRs are generally installed in confined spaces and compartments.

Besides, the DS-8100HMFI-T Mobile DVR supports two 2.5-inch pluggable SATA HDD/SSD disks with a capacity of 500GB each for long term recording. The H.264 video compression is available for each analog channel with 4CIF real time encoding which significantly enhances the image quality during viewing and playback. Dual stream is also supported, with the sub stream allowing remote preview and mobile phone monitoring via limited bandwidth.

Compared to the former generation mobile DVRs, the DS-8100HMFI-T Mobile DVR utilize a brand new intuitive GUI for users to operate. The DS-8100HMFI-T Mobile DVR also provides various interfaces (eSATA/USB, SIM, RS232) for connecting external devices.

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