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Hikvision’s Megapixel Solution Working on Brazil’s Railroad

While the project Supervia Stations Surveillance System may not immediately resonate with some in the security-related industry, the location where it operates surely does: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is in the metropolitan region of what Brazilians simply refer to as Rio that a groundbreaking surveillance system was developed for the urban passenger rail network. This rail network, on average carrying 450,000 passengers a day, represents Brazil’s first-ever megapixel surveillance railroad project.

One Camera, Two Uses
«The key to this solution was the ability of Hikvision megapixel technology,» summed up Alvaro de Souza, CCTV manager at VMI Sistemas de Seguranca – Brazil’s official Hikvision Distributor and partner of Interimagen (the Brazilian integrator responsible for this project).

As noted, this Brazilian megapixel solution represented a landmark first; yet for VMI Sistemas de Seguranca, it was also a business landmark: this was a tangible opportunity to distance themselves from other distributers/integrators that do not use megapixel technology in solutions of this nature.

«In taking this approach with Hikvision megapixel camera technology, we were able to add both tremendous value to the project and simultaneously position ourselves – from a business standpoint – as a provider of high-technology components,» Mr. Souza explained.

One such component that added this dual value was Hikvision’s DS-2CD883F-E 5 Megapixel Network Camera. This camera was vital for issues such as recognizing individuals, as well as clear, defined images of fast-moving trains. Mr. Souza elaborated: «Quality – this camera embodies the term. Since this camera needed to be used in two distinct locations; and since both of these locations have fundamental differences, we needed something that possessed both quality and the technical ability to achieve these concurrent goals.»

Boasting a bevy of technological features, including up to 5 megapixel resolution, full HD 1080P real-time video resolution, H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG video compression, true day / night, and PoE, the DS-2CD883F-E is a natural fit to handle the requirements of this railroad project.

Yet, unlike many solutions, the DS-2CD883F-E is tasked in providing exceptional surveillance for two distinct arenas.

The primary location, consisting of 80% of these units, is providing surveillance for the rails themselves. In this instance, the DS-2CD883F-E is connected through fiber optics to a control center that is responsible for the overview of the moving trains, the actual rail, or any other circumstance that warrants further investigation. «The DS-2CD883F-E is a great fit for a project where you have quickly-moving objects. This is due to the 1/2.5” progressive scan CMOS, which provides both excellent resolution and enhanced video applications for these Rio trains,» Mr. Souza added.

The other 20% of the DS-2CD883F-E cameras are located on the platform walls overlooking the embarkment areas of the actual train cars themselves. In this instance, the goal of these cameras is not to view moving trains, but moving passengers – as Mr. Souza noted: «On the platforms, we use this camera for issues such observing customers embarking and debarking train cars. . . We need to have the capacity to record clear images of the passengers’faces in the event a problem arises.»

Additionally, PoE capabilities were used to simplify the installation and power of these platform-adjacent cameras.

In both cases whether over the rails or over the platforms, the environment is outdoors. To protect the DS-2CD883F-E, Hikvision’s DS-1311HZ Outdoor Camera Housing was selected to protect these units against any corrupting conditions they might encounter.
Indoor Camera
Around the actual train terminals themselves, a different Hikvision camera was chosen for optimal surveillance. In this instance, the DS-2CD7153-E 2 Megapixel CMOS Mini Vandal Proof Network Dome Camera was the choice.

Due to the placement of this camera – which ranged from on top of the ceilings to inside terminal corridors – it was important to address any potential distance issues that might adversely affect the performance of an indoor camera. Due the DS-2CD7153-E’s 4mm lens, this was not an obstacle.

The DS-2CD7153-E also benefited this project through its compact design. In this particular case, compact design brought a less visible presence, thereby reducing the possibility of vandalism – either accidental or malicious.

Additionally, adding to the potent visible deterrent a security camera provides the general public, the DS-2CD7153-E’s 1/3″progressive scan CMOS «provides the ability to view the thousands and thousands of everyday passengers running to catch their trains – and always in a clear and accurate fashion,» as Mr. Souza explained. Hikvision technology such as up to 2 megapixel resolution, HD 720P real time video, a day / night auto switch, PoE (used in this Supervia indoor solution), and 3-axis adjustment allow security personnel all the tools they need to keep an accurate eye on the quickly-changing internal environment of these stations.

In 2011, with Hikvision’s technical know-how, VMI Sistemas de Seguranca and Interimagen were able to secure 5 full stations of this Rio de Janeiro metro line. 2012 promises 10 more stations being secured with this same solution. As such, Brazilian passengers can ride easy knowing that wherever they go – in the station, on the platform, or in the cars themselves – they are being taken care of.

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